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Welcome to my web site!
Depending on how you came to arrive here, you may want to now go in one or the other of two directions.
I.  If your interest is people named Mertz, Martz or Marts, you should go to the introductory page of what I call the Mærtz Hierarchical Project. In that section of my website, I deal with EVERY person of this name descended from any one of the eight “original American Mærtz ancestors”, immigrants who were in America by the mid-1700’s or earlier. I have tracked all of their male descendants born before 1850 through the 1880 Census. It is the most comprehensive coverage of this family you will find anywhere.
II.  As genealogy is my passion, I have also researched all branches of my family tree -- my Hopewell, Hummel, Diehl, Kleckner, Yerger, Curry, Koller, Pearce, Wright, Hoshall, Hampshire, Slade and Carlin -- and many more -- ancestors. And I have also researched my wife’s family tree -- her Lawther, McDougall, Herring, Carroll, Johnson, Lee, Fennell -- and many more -- ancestors. Finally, I have done additional research on the families of some of my in-laws. All of this is available in one big family tree via Our Ancestors and their Families.
I’ve also included several pages of photos, which add to the story of these people and their lives, as well as a selection of analytical reports prepared as part of my research, wherein you will get a sense of how I approach my work. Please note the “hamburger” menu icon (
) at the top right of every page -- it provides links to all of these resources.
I welcome feedback and comments from anyone who shares an interest in any of these people. If you are considering including anything you find here in your own family tree, please read and consider the page titled “Please Don’t Cut and Paste” (
Oakey Mertz