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Our Ancestors and their Families
Our Ancestors and their Families
George Peter Mertz and Family
This site provides access to one very large family tree, which comprises the Mertz Genealogy Database. It includes several categories of persons of interest to me, genealogically:
  • My known ancestors, including all branches of my family tree. The goal is to get every branch back to the immigrant. In a few cases, where I believe it can be learned accurately, I extend the line for a generation or two of their European ancestors.
  • All known ancestors, including all branches, of my wife Mary (Lawther) Mertz.
  • Many ancestors of my wife’s sister’s husband (MacLennan et al) and of their son-in-law (Harley et al) — as I have researched those families too over the years.
  • The eight Original Mærtz Immigrants (see Mærtz Hierarchical Project) and their descendants down to, generally, those born by or before 1850 who lived on their own as head-of-household by or before 1880 and passed the Mærtz name along to the next generation.
In many cases, some of the extended family (siblings and some of their descendants perhaps or spouses and their extended family) of any particular person in my database may also be included if my research took me in that direction.
You access this database by clicking on the button below which will will bring you to the Introduction page at the top of which are these links to help you navigate to whoever you are interested in:
  • Surnames — takes you to a list of all surnames in my database grouped by first letter of the surname. Clicking on a surname will bring you to the full list of persons of that name.
  • Index — every full name in the database listed and grouped by surname but starting with the many persons about whom I only know their given name, not their surname.
  • Search — where you can enter a name (e.g. Mertz, George or George Mertz) and a pop-up will list everyone in the database with that word or those words as part of their name.
  • (Hint: since there are many dozens of persons named Mertz or Martz in my database, including multiple people with the same given name(s), I often instead search for someone’s spouse’s surname as a way to more quickly get to the person name Mertz or Martz.)
So, however you find any person of interest to you, click on their name and up will come their Person Sheet which includes my narrative stating factually what I know about that person and how I know it. You will also see highlighted links to the person’s parents and any children I have tracked further.
And beside the name of each person and/or their spouse, there is a little icon ( ). Click on that and a 5-generation tree for that person will open. And either beside their name or perhaps beside any date or place associated with them, there may be little numbers which will take you to the particular sources I cite for the “facts” and relationships I assert.
[Mertz Genealogy Database last updated 19 March 2021]
Oakey’s great-great grandparents: George Peter Mertz, Amelia Amanda Hummel, John Ulp Hopewell, Sarah Catherine Young, William H Diehl, Rachel E Kleckner, Henry B Yerger, Catherine Kramer, Patrick Kean Curry, Elizabeth Koller, Josiah Sparks Pearce, Elizabeth Ann Wright, Nelson Hoshall, Joanna Hampshire, Christopher Slade, Maria Elizabeth Carlin.
Mary's great-grandparents: Theophilus Rivers Lawther, Mary G Harrison, Robert McDougall, Isabella Alexander, George W Herring, Mary Eliza Carroll, Robert Calvin Johnson, Margaret Elizabeth Lee, Isaac Newell, Elizabeth Gill, (parents of) Jane Somers, (parents of) John Moores, (parents of) Johanna Evelie.