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Our Ancestors and their Families
Our Ancestors and their Families
George Peter Mertz and Family
This site provides access to one very large family tree, which comprises the Mertz Genealogy Database. It includes as many people as I have been able to identify that are either my ancestors or my wife’s ancestors. In many cases, siblings of our ancestors and selected descendants of theirs are covered if I found knowing about them important to documenting the story of our ancestors. Finally, it includes some ancestors of my wife's sister's husband and their son-in-law.
You can access this database using the button below -- but before you jump in, there is one important thing you should understand -- lest you miss the most important part.
There are three unique views within the Mertz Genealogy Database:
  • FAMILY CARD. This is the initial view that comes up. It typically identifies two PRIMARY PERSONS -- a husband and wife. Their children are listed below them and their parents above. If you click on the name of a child or parent on a FAMILY CARD, you will open the FAMILY CARD for that new PRIMARY PERSON and you can navigate the tree that way.
  • FAMILY TREE. Beside the name of each PRIMARY PERSON (husband and wife) on a FAMILY CARD, there is a little tree icon ( ). Click on that and a 5-generation tree for that person will open.
  • PERSON SHEET. The person sheet includes my narrative stating factually what I know about someone and how I know it. There are links there to whatever sources I may cite. You get to a PERSON SHEET for a person by clicking on his/her name in a PRIMARY PERSON position on a FAMILY CARD. Once you are at the PERSON SHEET level in the database, clicking any other highlighted name will bring up the PERSON SHEET for that person.
THE KEY: If you are really interested in a particular person, you need to get to his/her PERSON SHEET.
[Mertz Genealogy Database last updated 09 January 2019]
Oakey’s great-great grandparents: George Peter Mertz, Amelia Amanda Hummel, John Ulp Hopewell, Sarah Catherine Young, William H Diehl, Rachel E Kleckner, Henry B Yerger, Catherine Kramer, Patrick Kean Curry, Elizabeth Koller, Josiah Sparks Pearce, Elizabeth Ann Wright, Nelson Hoshall, Joanna Hampshire, Christopher Slade, Maria Elizabeth Carlin.
Mary's great-grandparents: Theophilus Rivers Lawther, Mary G Harrison, Robert McDougall, Isabella Alexander, George W Herring, Mary Eliza Carroll, Robert Calvin Johnson, Margaret Elizabeth Lee, Isaac Newell, Elizabeth Gill, (parents of) Jane Somers, (parents of) John Moores, (parents of) Johanna Evelie.